How do I replace Novell iPrint Printers with Microsoft (AD) Printers?


1. In the address bar of your file explorer , type \\stfu-print-01 and press enter.




2. Double click on the printer you want to install. It will automatically install.

3. Once the install is complete, in the address bar type control panel and press enter.

4. Click view devices and printers.

5. Locate the printer you just added and right click on it. Choose "printing preferences". Follow the instructions to add your code. 

  1. Click the Detailed Settings tab.


  1. Choose job setup from the left menu.                                                              
  2. Type your department code in the "user code" field.     Graphical user interface, application, WordDescription automatically generated      
  3. Click apply.
  4. Click the Frequently Used Settings tab at the top and then click "Details" to the right of "Job Type"
  5. Click on "Create Own ID" and choose "Windows Login Name"


f. It will then populate the ID field like this.


g. Click ok and then click apply.

If you need to print sensitive information and need locked printing, see this FAQ


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